We're experts in getting results for people who feel like the gym isn't for them if you fancy a lot of energy? Food freedom? & Balance in your life? Then you're in the right place!

We love community, results and tailoring the process to your current life and lifestyle interesting in making a change? Watch the video below

Welcome To Our Success Stories

We help our clients regain their confidence - Build a flexible approach to make nutrition simple and make fitness enjoyable. We do it by removing the stress and guesswork. Enabling them to love their job, body, life and themselves again...

Hear From Some of Them Below Who Came To Us With Struggles You Might Find Familiar...

Jack lost 2 stone and is in the best shape of his life

Jenna is now body confident and comfortable within her own skin

Sana went from not knowing how to lift to 100kg hip thrusts

Steven is "best version of me" after coaching

Rui went from stopping and starting to the best shape of his life, making fitness apart of his lifestyle

Katy gave up endless hours of cardio and lost 2 stone in with a year

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Step 2: What to Expect Next

First - Have a look around the site, hear about some of our clients journey's and check out the bottom of the website to hear out more about life inside The Capital PT.

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Our Recent Life Changing Results

Why you need to come down and try us out

Confidence, Lifestyle and Training all transformed

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Step 4:

Holy Kidd

Biggest Win: Dropped a dress size

Struggle : Unhappy within herself/Lack of confidence

Michilas Kassimatis

Biggest win: Squatted over 100kg, lost over 10kg, more energy, more motivated

Struggle : Unhappy within himself, would put filters on pictures to hide himself

Xuxa Rettie

Biggest win: First time ever wearing a bikini

Struggle : NO Plan felt lost in the gym

Daniel Moses

Biggest win: Best shape of his life, body confident for the first time in years

Struggle : Low motivation, scared that he would be jugged in the gym environment.

Jamie Bryson

Biggest win: 28kg weight loss

Struggle : Busy work/life No time, No plan, No accountability

Emma Bird

Biggest win: Feels like the old me again

Struggle : Busy work/life No time, No plan, No accountability

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Our Group Coaching

Our Recent Life Changing Results

Confidence, Lifestyle and Training all transformed

Step 6: What is included inside personal training

Everything Included inside the programme

The Programme explained, how will this work for you

How we include the food you love throughout coaching

A free gym membership included in the program?

Who we work with?

How we tailor group coaching to each person

Step 6: What else is included inside the team

Training sessions

You will get two/three training sessions per week you can be flexible with access to morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

You will never feel left in the dark or lost as we guide you through every step of the process making it easy for you. Running through every part of your routine making you feel at ease in the gym .

Daily 1-1 Contact with Me

We will just be a message away to support you through the entire process. You will never feel left in the dark or have any unanswered questions. The key to making great progress, as well as consistency, is knowing exactly what you're meant to be doing and why. You will never feel stuck and have my endless support. I pride myself on giving you the education/support to get you the results you deserve.

Monthly Events, Meetups, Training Days, Fun Activities

Inside the programme , we run monthly webinars, monthly events and meet-ups. This isn't your typical personal training service where you see me twice/three times per week and that's all you get or don't see meet the rest of the team. This really helps you feel supported and a part of something special. A chance for you to meet , connect and have a bit of fun with the team.

Education & Training Library On Demand

Access to the private site where we have lots of informative videos on training, nutrition and lifestyle. I am a big believer of teaching you the reasons WHY you're doing something. This means you can carry that knowledge through life and not feel like you always have to rely on me! Our Goal is to educate you on each process and we don't have a one size fits all approach here.

Access To Our Community Group of Like Minded People

Access to the private community group which is a safe space for you to share your experience and have a supportive liked minded community around you supporting and keeping you accountable at each step of the way. We run challenges and community events so you get to know every people on the team so you aren't doing this alone!

Your Tailored Training & Nutrition Plan

Whatever your goal is, your tailored nutrition and training plan will support this. There is no one size fits all in this team. We will find a plan and a structure that works for you and your lifestyle! One of our aim is to do the personal in personal training!

Step 7: Look around the site &

Christie smiles

Biggest win: Hip thrusts over 160kg, deadlift 100kg, body confident for the first time in years

Struggle : Wanted to feel better and enjoyed how her body moved and looked

Reese Thompson

Biggest win: Lost 20 pounds had abs for the first time in his life

Struggle : No Idea Where To Start

Louise Fitzpatrick

Biggest win: Confident with food, improving mental health

Struggle : See the gym as a chore and would under eat and choose not to eat

Kyla Shirlaw

Biggest win: Gone down a dress size and loves the social side of the community

Struggle : Under confident in the gym environment, scared to hurt herself


Biggest win: Finally seeing the results she had wanted for years

Struggle : Yo-YO dieting, no plan, no time, no accountability, PCOS, done endless cardio

Dimitri Pollard

Biggest win : Body confident had abs for the first time in his life

Struggle : No Structure, frustrated with no results


Here's a list of the most common questions we are asked that can save us a tonne of time on our call together.

When Can I Join?

During our chat we will establish two things.

1. If we can help you and 2. If you are a good fit to join our program and from there it'll be instant access

Will You Coach Me Through It?

Absolutely! I will be there every step of the way. You will never feel like you are on your own with my full support and access to message me. I will do everything I can to ensure you achieve your goals! Our goal is to make it easy for you . This isn't easy having to fit life, work and maybe even kids around your goals we make fitness easy for you to get results and the enjoy with it

How Soon Will I See Results?

You will start to notice small but exciting changes within the first 30 days. Things like higher energy levels, a better quality sleep and feeling less bloated. To visibly notice physical changes, these typically come within 4-6 weeks given that you adhere to your plan!

When Will I Receive a Nutrition & Training Plan

As soon as you fill out your consultation form you will receive these within 1-2 days. We have generalised plans to get you set up right.

What Else Is Included?

The perception of personal training is that you receive a training, nutrition plan and a session from a coach, and speak to them once a week. I believe the reason we get great results in our team is because I form great relationships with my clients, where they feel they can talk to me at any time and about anything.

This can really help me understand you as a person and what you truly need to see great results. As well as the continued support from the rest of the team, we have built an amazing community of like-minded people who will push you further and give you that extra support and team accountability.

I Might Wait Until I Get Fit Before Joining

A statement I've heard more often than I'd like. The truth is, there will never be a right time. You just have to take that leap and START. I'm guessing you've been saying this to yourself for a while and still not got anywhere? All you're doing is wasting time that we could be spending getting you closer to your goals.

I'm Really Anxious About Going To The Gym

We have all been there! No matter your experience, walking into a new environment at any age is daunting. I've faced this myself. We have ways of helping our clients overcome this and it has worked wonders. Having a plan of action and knowing exactly what you need to do when you get there is key, and that is exactly what I will help you with!

Why you need to come try us out

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